Design Hacks for Small Space Living

Homes are getting smaller and smaller. Rising costs per square footage have led today's generation of homeowners to downsize their living spaces. Take for example a newly developed home in taman desa, which would pale in comparison in terms of size to one built 5 or 10 years ago. This trend in home ownership has also influenced design trends, and numerous design ideas that are great for small spaces have been making waves in terms of design and décor.

A variety of reasons have led to the phenomenon of smaller spaces, most of all lifestyle changes associated with low-impact living, which has made their way into our daily life and routines. Furthermore, for those living in the city (as well as an increasing number of suburban dwellers), a small space living is usually the only affordable option.

This, however, does not mean that you can't enjoy living in a smaller space. Here, we've compiled a list of some great design hacks that can help you on your way to making the most out of your small space.

Design Hacks for Small Space Living

Cart it

There's a myriad of possibilities when it comes to compact wheeled storage, from bar carts to industrial trolleys to wheeled kitchen islands. There's a whole range of storage ideas that can help you corral all your miscellaneous items in one place. What's great about it is that it can be easily moved around, so they can be rolled out when needed and tucked away in a corner out of sight when they're not.

Vertical greenery

In a smaller space, surface space is even more limited. Thus, having potted plants dotted around your home may not be the best idea and is often a waste of valuable surface space. A good idea to consider is by placing your greenery vertically. A wall planter can be a great option that allows you to hang your pots of plants on empty unused walls, which frees up counter and floor space. This vertical garden hack can instantly make your space more peaceful.

Electronics charging station

Jumbled cable cords and electrical plugs can be a haphazard sight, especially in small space. To combat this cord creep, you can devote a drawer or pullout desk to keeping your digital gear charged and at the ready. These charging stations can be concealed and serve as a catchall for electronics that would otherwise be lying around here and here.

Hanging wall storage

When you have limited floor space, you need to take advantage of the space that you do have and is available to you. Often, this means that if you can't expand outward, you have to go upwards. All it takes is some DIY craftiness and a little ingenuity. For example, with some leather pieces, straps and some hard corkboard, you can easily make some wall pockets. What's more is that not only are they versatile, they're eye-catching too.

Instant utility closet

Although a small space means less floor to clean, you still need to keep yourself organized in order to say on top of the game. A well-ordered cleaning closet will make all your housekeeping chores a piece of cake. You can create your own closet (or wall) by using a peg rail and a few trusty tools. Mount the rail behind a door (for example to your laundry room or pantry) to really maximize the use of space.

Compact vanity

A luxurious vanity is something that is always on any home décor list. However, sometimes you might just not have the space to allow one. Instead, why not go the hacking route and make a space-saving solution yourself? You can get a hold of a simple tabletop plank and some wall brackets to make yourself a beauty station that takes up almost no room at all.

Mesh display board

The days of the cork notice board have come to an end. In its place, the mesh display board has emerged. You can easily repurpose a bit of metal mesh to turn it into a wall hanger that can serve as a great display element. It can work equally well in a home office or an impromptu prep station.

Disappearing desk

A ship-style disappearing table is a great idea for tight quarters. It can be quite a versatile piece. For example, it can be a shelf that turns into a table when needed, or even serve as a small dining table for two. Just hinge mount a drop-leaf table (like the Norberg from Ikea) on a wall. The tabletop is generous enough for a laptop. When it's unused, you can just simply fold it up and turn it into a smaller shelf.

Adjustable legs

Adjustable legs are an amazing hack that makes any surface in your space instantly more versatile. You can put them on just about anything: from tables to bookcases to pieces of plywood. It's a practical approach that helps make your pieces of furniture multifunctional. This can be of great help in small spaces, where you're limited in the amount of furniture you can put in your space. All in all, adjustable legs are the new birds in design and décor.

Fold out dining table

Space-saving furniture is always a great option in small spaces. If your home is a little too small to adequately fit a full-size dining table, why not opt for a fold out or pull out one instead? They can be taken out when needed and hidden away when not in use. For example, consider a table that seamlessly swivels under your countertops. Not only do they serve as extra seating for guests, they can be extra counter space as well, living up to the idea of multi-functional and multi-purpose furniture.

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